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Our Team

I present to you our fantastic team, always searching for new paths and hidden places for our tours, showing you the wildest and most beautiful parts of Italy

About Me

My name is Anna Maria. 23 years ago I was born in Gorzegno, a small village in the north of Italy. My Swiss parents had a tiny goat farm there. Growing up in the middle of the woods surrounding the place I developed a strong relationship to nature. Even though I was around goats all the time, horses were the animals that fascinated me ever since. When I was 5 years old, I rode for the first time and was hooked instantly. 7 years later I met Bamiro, who became my first horse. At this time I was living in Switzerland. 

Discovering the world on horseback has always been my dream, but I never thought it was possible until I read „On the Trail of Genghis Khan“ by Tim Cope. In the book he describes his horse-riding journey from Asia to Europe.

At the end of my apprenticeship as a farmer I was looking for a second horse. Few months later I found Rhiannon.
In 2020, after working years on Swiss farms, I returned to my birth place, where I stayed till October 2021. I started the longest journey I ever did, and arrived in Sicily in April 2022. And here I am still, collaborating with the Traina Farm, starting new horses, guiding tours and planning new ones.



Sparta is a female maremmano dog of nearly two years. Initially I bought her as a shepherd dog for my goats. But from the start she was more into people than goats and I decided to take her with me to Sicily, also because we grew very fond of each other. Even though she walked all the way across Italy, even now she is always by my side, especially on the tours.


Bamiro is a 16 years old Shagya Arabian, who is by my side for more than a decade now. When I first met him, he was really nervous because as a foal he was involved in a car accident. Even though he wasn’t badly hurt, he became very distrustful. It took me five years to gain his confidence. After all this years working together we’ve become a great team. He is very responsive to ride and a great lead horse.




Rhiannon is a 14 years old Haflinger. He has a gentle character and keeps his calm in every situation. He’s been trained for riding as well as mounted archery. I bought him more than two years ago to carry the baggage on my trip. I rode him on mounted archery tournaments and trained him to do heavy pulling and work in the fields.

Fico di Albano

Comprato a fine dell'anno 2022 in Sicilia, Fico è diventato il giovane coccolone. Questo incrocio anglo arabo nato nel 2020 è arrivato da me con poco più di due anni. Durante l'inverno ho iniziato l'addestramento di base e con le giornate più lunghe ora stiamo iniziando a fare qualche passeggiata di due ore. Vorrei farlo diventare il sostituto di Bamiro dal 2024 in poi per i viaggi più lunghi per iniziare a mettere il mio primo cavallo un po' a riposo.

Un cavallo sincero, amorevole, intelligente e ineguagliabile. Mai ho incontrato un cavallo come lui.

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